Giftun island is one of the most famous Red Sea islands located at a distance from Hurghada, where 11 km from Hurghada coast. Giftun area is about 17 km. The island also contains the most important areas of deep diving and surface diving in Hurghada.

The island is distinguished by:

  • One of the most important tourist destinations in Hurghada
  • Close to the coast of Hurghada
  • fine sand
  • It contains 14 of the most beautiful diving sites in Hurghada
  • One of the most important home of seagulls, as the island contains 50% of the seagull population in the world, and it also contains many different types of birds and reptiles.

When you go to Giftun Island you can rent a boat and enjoy the views and the sun or go down for diving and snorkeling and enjoy the wonderful views of fish and coral reefs and you can also eat food on the boat in the middle of the sea in an atmosphere of calm and relaxation or you can walk around the island to enjoy nature and Watching birds and reptiles