El Gouna

Characterized by the wonderful marine life, it contains:

  • A group of the most beautiful beaches in Hurghada, such as Zaituna Beach and Mangrove Beach
  • Various marine sports places such as diving and snorkeling
  • Many spas for massage sessions

Sahl Hasheesh

If you want to live a luxurious life, Sahl Hasheesh is the place to be

As It contains

  • 9 resorts to relax and unwind
  • Movie complex
  • Wonderful markets
  • The Pharaonic city
  • Centers for various games such as horse riding and golf courses

Makadi and Water World

Contains the best water games of up to 50 games suitable for all ages


A nature reserve is the habitat for more than half the number of seagulls in the world in addition to that it contains the most important diving and snorkeling sites for its wonderful fish and coral reefs.


The largest tourist island called Paradise of the Red Sea and contains water sports such as surfing

Abu Minqar Island

Island in the form of a bird’s beak

On the island there are many dolphins and migratory birds

Sand Museum

One of the most important international museums, it contains 42 statues made of sand for the most famous figures in modern and ancient times

Hurghada Water Museum

It contains 20 transparent glass basins, each of which contains a similar group of marine creatures that reflect the underwater life. The museum also contains a 24-meter glass corridor where you can wander under the water and see the fish in its natural sizes

Mini Egypt Park

Where you can see small figures of all Egyptian monuments, such as the pyramids and the High Dam

Al Kawthar District

It is called the tourist walkway and it contains many malls, shops and bazaars