The mountain safari, nomadic life, dining with Badia people and camel rides Among the most famous trips that characterize Hurghada, because of the mountain valleys and mountain ranges that are suitable for climbing, as well as camel and horse riding, and the sport of motorsports and four-wheel scooters.

Safari trips in Hurghada are also distinguished by a special charm because of the scenic nature of the Red Sea and valleys mountain ranges and its unique pure sand and inhabitants of the Bedouin tribes.

The best places for mountain safaris in Hurghada are the region (Wadi Umm Darfa), where this valley is characterized by stunning natural terrain, and that valley remains the highest peak in the Red Sea, which is the summit of the Shayeb Mountain, as well as the area of mountain of smoke in which the Romans left part of their traces, which gives Distinguished natural image with picturesque nature.